Rescued baby chimpanzee hides under blanket after seeing poachers kill her mother


(WHDH) — An infant chimpanzee rescued in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was recently filmed looking hesitant to emerge from the safe cocoon of her blanket after seeing her mother get killed by a group of poachers.

Lwiro Primates, of South Kivu, shared a video of the chimpanzee on Thursday, with a caption that explained she had been kept tied up in a plastic bag in the bushes while the poachers attempted to sell her.

“She is smart and independent (probably forced to be), but she keeps hiding herself under the blanket,” the wildlife organization wrote. “Maybe as a consequence of being kept in a bag for days.”

The organization says it will undoubtedly take time to make her laugh again and to see her behave like a typical infant chimpanzee.

Three other infants died in the area before rescuers were able to save them.

“This is the reality, she is the ‘lucky’ one,” the organization said of the chimpanzee they took in.

Video Credit: Lwiro Primates via Storyful

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