Senate presidential candidate: AFDC threatens


”  The AFDC believes that if there is another Senate candidate coming out of the FCC Policy Council, AFDC will have its own Senate nominee and we are sure we will win,” warns. Top Congo FM, Philippe Udji.  

But, before getting there, this framework of the political group led by Modeste Bahati Lukwebo denounces ”  steps started by the members of the FCC who deviate from our constitutive charter”.

He also denounces what he calls a ”  discriminatory approach  “.

To remedy this, the political grouping ”  solicits the steering of the Senate and asks the moral authority of the FCC to play its role of arbiter in the name of the principle of the political weight in order to guarantee peace within this megastructure”.

In the opposite case, ”  the FCC and its moral authority mark the bed of disputes”.

With its ”  70 MPs, 42 MPs, 2 elected governors, 7 deputy governors and 12 senators,”  AFDC believes it has ”  the full right and the full duty to make the voices of these voters heard at the level of interinstitutional meetings. “.

Philippe Udji states that Modeste Bahati Lukwebo ”  has assets in terms of political means, financial and is in a purely democratic approach. So, these are not exaggerated ambitions.


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