Since Martin Fayulu and Felix Tshisekedi are brothers, we will help to meet: Moses Katumbi


Lumuka coalition coordinator Moïse Katumbi held a press briefing at his private residence in Lubumbashi on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, during which he said he “will not be working in the current government”.

“The most important thing for me is the Congolese population. We can help our country without going into government. I will not go in there. For now, I’m going to observe what’s going on, I’m like a red pen, I’m going to appreciate what will be done right and condemn what will not be good too. All we are going to do is push the government to do better, a way of writing our own story. The UDPS has fought for more than 30 years. The true UDPS activists who fought must be in positions. They fought for change in the country. I see very little how Moses Katumbi will seek to occupy a government position, “he said.

With regard to a probable rapprochement with the new regime, Moses Katumbi informs that he still remains opponent. “Moses Katumbi is in a coalition that is fighting for a Republican opposition. We will no longer accept corruption in our country. We must fight the trading of influence. I pledge to respect the charter of the political platform Lamuka, I confirm that all my actions are in compliance with this charter, “he said.

About former president Joseph Kabila, Moses Katumbi admits that he does not have a problem with him: “I do not hate Kabila. I worked with him. I explained why I left him. We were six, governors who wanted to resign. On D-Day, there are some who turned off their phones, “he recalled.

“I do not seek revenge. I am a Christian and I am sincere: I have come for Peace. If I hate someone, will God listen to my prayers? I am not Christ but I am one of his sons.

And to continue: “Martin Fayulu and Felix Tshisekedi are brothers, we will work so that they can be together, not in the government but we will all be together. “

Accused of mismanagement of the former province of Katanga, particularly in Lualaba, the former governor fixed the opinion: “I built the largest bridge in the Congo without government support I made 29 bridges in Lualaba, I created a customs service on the border of Dilolo. I banned illegal logging in Kolwezi. For your information, I enlightened the first village in Congo Kasanji. We audit the account of the government that worked. When I went to head the provincial government of Katanga we audited the government account 22 times, “he said.

Explaining the case of the passport of his adviser Salomon Kalonda, the president of Ensemble for Change is summed up by saying: “Every Congolese is entitled to his passport. The situation around the file is changing, the problem will be solved so that he can return to the country. 

Moses Katumbi confirms having spoken of two drivers: “I spoke about two drivers and I confirm. It’s like with the Bible, everyone will interpret in their own way. “

Regarding the Mazembe team, predict him Moise Katumbi think he will continue to lead. “I tried to think, but I think I’m still there, besides, I have to go to the stadium to start the renewal of the artificial turf,” he said.

In front of the knights of the pen, Moses Katumbi will begin his tour in a short time.


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