Supreme Commander decides on free health care for military


This will alleviate the living conditions of soldiers and their dependents whose morbidity and mortality rate is among the highest in the country.

Medical care and treatment are now free for the military and their families who will be treated at the Central Military Hospital Camp Kokolo, according to a decision of the Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the FARDC, announced by FARDC chief of general staff, army general Célestin Mbala Munsense, during the double ceremony, on June 14, of the inauguration of the medical imagery and the handing over of a large batch of pharmaceutical products at this hospital.

In a communiqué received on Monday at the ACP, the commander of the Service of Communication and Information of Armed Forces (SCIFA), Major-General Leon Richard Kasonga who said that this practice will be widespread in all military medical training in the country states that the Camp Kokolo Central Military Hospital is, after the one in the African Union, the second military medical training to have a modern medical imaging service and to receive a large batch of medicines and medical inputs.

This will lighten the living conditions of soldiers and their dependents whose morbidity and mortality rate is among the highest in the country, said the statement that explains that the medical imaging service, whose infrastructure has just been totally rehabilitated, includes brand new modern equipment, including ultrasound scanners and the MRI machine.

In addition, the Armed Forces of the DRC ordered quantities of drugs, the sample of which was formally handed over on 14 June 2019 by the FARDC Chief of General Staff, Major General Mbala Munsense Celestin, to the command of the Central Military Hospital, represented by Colonel Doctor Ngoma Pwati, Deputy Commander.

In addition to the Kokolo Camp Central Military Hospital, all FARDC fixed and tactical medical units are also involved in these drug supplies, said the same statement adding that the Air Force has been mobilized to transport them to each destination.

These acquisitions, which fall within the framework of the program of the first hundred days of the President of the Republic, put an end to the chronic disruptions observed over more than ten years in military hospitals. Free medical care calls for the full responsibility of the commanders of military hospitals who are required to manage the drugs available to good fathers of the family, they warn.


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