Supreme Commander Felix Tshisekedi recalls himself at the “Congolese Soldier Memorial”


 The President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, Supreme Commander of the FARDC, presented Friday May 17, day dedicated to the Armed Forces, a wreath of flowers in front of the “Memorial of the Congolese soldier” erected in the commune of Gombe.

By depositing this wreath on behalf of the grateful Congolese nation, the Head of State and Supreme Commander wanted to magnify the blood shed by the military to safeguard the national independence and peace without which no development would be possible. .

It is recalled that during the Two World Wars and during various conflagrations that the world knew, Congolese soldiers have distinguished themselves in all the fronts in which they participated.

Names such as Mahenge, Tabora, Abisini, Saio, Burma, Gambela or more recent names such as Tchanzu, Mbuzi, Runyonyi or Beni, Walikale, Ituri, Masisi, Dungu, Fizi, Uvira, Shabunda, Baraka or Minembwe evoke theaters of victorious operations where the history of the FARDC is written in golden letters.

The FARDC’s recent high-flying achievements stem from the army reform initiated since 2008 by the former head of state and continued today by President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi. This reform, it is recalled, set up 3 defense zones, corps and services, a general command of schools, groups and military bases with a doctrine of gradual use of forces.

As a result of this reform, major trends are emerging in the military. The first trend is that all components of Congolese society now trust the armed forces, as is illustrated by the statements and statements made by the notables of North Kivu, South Kivu, Ituri and the North. -Ubangi and Kasai.

The other major trend is that the Congolese population is tucked behind their army in the work of restoring peace, as evidenced by the festival of surrender of members of different armed groups observed throughout the Republic.

Appeal to armed groups to lay down their arms

In order to capitalize on this citizen movement of surrender and thereby consolidate peace, the FARDC is launching a pathetic call for militias and other movements still active in the bush to lay down their arms and surrender unconditionally to the armed forces.

At the same time, the FARDC whose mission is to protect citizens and their property, to defend the integrity of the national territory and the country’s borders, warn the fencers of any rank whatsoever who would d venture maintain militias.

In addition to the deposit of the wreath by the President of the Republic before the “Memorial of the Congolese soldier” followed by the payment of end-of-career allowances for good and loyal services rendered to the nation to valiant FARDC combatants admitted to a honorable retirement in 2003, the day of 17 May 2019 dedicated to the Armed Forces is also marked by the beginning, at camp Kokolo, a screening campaign, organized by the Mzee Laurent-Désiré Kabila Foundation, breast and cervical cancer of uterus in military and police women.

It was planned, to close this day, a meal of body in the various garrisons of the capital and the Center of advanced studies of strategy and defense (CHESD) for the great officers.


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