Taekwondo: 39 belt passes in Kinshasa


These athletes have benefited from this merit after a series of refresher crossovers from the red belt belts to the 1st Dan, 2nd Dan, 3rd Dan and 4th Dan Black Belts.

The President of the Congolese Taekwondo Federation (FECOT), Alain Badiashile, presented on Monday, the merit certificates for better performances to athletes after the series of recycling of the crossing of the red belts to the black belts 1st Dan, 2nd Dan, 3rd Dan and 4th Dan, at the Ntine-Wenu school, in the commune of Limete.

According to President Badiashile, 39 athletes were concerned by this passage of belts in particular, 26 from the red belt to the 1st Dan black belt, 7 from the 1st Dan to the 2nd Dan, 3 athletes from the 2nd Dan to the 3rd Dan, 3 athletes from the 3rd Dan in the 4th Dan.

In his words of circumstance, Alain Badiashile asked the lucky winners not to keep their belts at home, but that they continue to work to reinforce and keep their performances. He urged the lucky ones to get involved in the training by also passing on their knowledge to the youth.


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