The best makeup with skincare benefits


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Choosing a new foundation can be daunting.

There are a number of things to consider before shopping, not least of which is the coverage you’re after.

If you’re considering a pricey purchase, one question you may be asking is: is it worth it?

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Who wouldn’t want makeup that’s also good for their skin?

Set to be one of this year’s biggest beauty trends, brands are now going further than ever before to create products that deliver amazing results, lasting power and additional skincare benefits. 

It makes sense – if your skin is receiving the nutrients its needs, it will appear smoother and brighter, in turn making your makeup look and last better.

With so little spare time in our busy modern lives – even if you do devote precious hours to MAFS – hybrid beauty products that multi-task are incredibly useful. The good news is, it’s not only high end beauty brands making these innovative new items.

Revlon Photoready Candid Foundation, $30

One of our favourite launches in recent times, Revlon’s your-skin-but-better PhotoReady Candid foundation also contains ingredients like Vitamin E and antioxidants that protect against damage from daily aggressors like particulate pollution and blue light from devices, said to have an impact on the condition of our skin.

The gel-cream like texture glides on and keeps skin well hydrated.

YSL Touche Éclat High Cover, $69

YSL’s new version of  Touche Éclat offers all the brightening benefits of the original in the same clicky pen, only  Touche Éclat High Cover has, you guessed it,  more opaque coverage.

What’s more, it also contains an anti-fatigue complex with caffeine and vitamin E for skin-protecting antioxidant action.  Moroccan calendula extract soothes a delicate and irritated complexion.

Clinique Even Better Repairing and Hydrating makeup, $70

Is there anything this exciting launch can’t do? Clinque’s brand new high-performance full-coverage Even Better Repairing and Hydrating foundation calls on a super-hydrating complex that works for up to 24 hours to keep skin looking plump and healthy as well as ingredients that work over time to smooth the skin’s surface and dial back the signs of aging.

So while you’re wearing it you’re putting in work to make your skin look great long term.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Foundation SPF 20, $24.99

Feeling weary and your skin looks it? Brighten and refresh your skin at the same time with lightweight Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Foundation that lets skin breathe, at the same time giving it the equivalent of a cup of coffee via a complexion-boosting Vitamin C formula.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream Illumination SPF50+, $70

You might have heard of Kiwis obsessively buying IT Cosmetics CC Cream online without even trying it – its reputation is mega. Luckily, the hype is real.

The cult product offers buildable coverage; a beautiful radiant finish; and skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, algae, peptides, and vitamins A, C, B, and E. Not to mention a hefty SPF!

Bareminerals Blemish Rescue Skin Clearing Loose Powder Foundation, $50

Acne poses a double challenge: minimising its appearance while not exacerbating flare ups with pore-clogging formulas.

Hats off then to Bareminerals for its specific Blemish rescue Skin Clearing loose Powder Foundation that has salicylic acid, zinc, sulphur and kaolin clay to treat breakouts, mattify the complexion and purify pores.

MAC Lightful C + Coral Grass Tinted Cream SPF 30+, $74

Sometimes the innovation in cosmetic formulations boggles the mind.

MAC’s Vitamin C loaded Lightful C + Coral Grass Tinted Cream is a tinted moisturiser that minimises imperfections and controls oil as well as reducing the appearance of pores and pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles over time.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation, $110

It’s the top end of the scale price wise but that’s because Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation is loaded with a serum made with  Lychee, Bamboo Grass and Cordyceps Mushroom extracts, all in aid of keeping your face looking fresh and youthful for longer.

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