The company Allumettière of Congo catches fire: No loss in human life


A fire broke out Sunday evening at 7th Limete Street, taking everything away and nothing was recovered. However, no loss in human life has been deplored.

A fire occurred last Sunday around 6 pm at 7th Limete Street where the air was unbreathable and everything seemed to be polluted by the smoke. The fire remained on until the early hours of Monday, May 13, 2019, the fire trucks of the Monusco and Kinshasa City Hall failed to extinguish the flames.

It is a factory that makes several products, including matches that went up in smoke. According to a witness met at the scene of the tragedy, it was around 6 pm that the smoke was seen. Moments later, there was an explosion. The first firefighters could not extinguish the flame. They failed to do much because of the lack of equipment that was not suitable for this type of fire.

For the moment, it is difficult to know the origin of the fire. The logistics manager of Allumettière Congo (Socalco) confirms that an investigation has been launched. The fire started from the deposit of raw materials, which made the work of firefighters difficult. The more one attacked the home, the more the flame spread. The calcined stock is estimated at nearly 8 months of production. The cost is estimated at millions of US dollars reduced to ashes.

You should know that this company is managed by Asian expatriates, which employs 130 Congolese. No loss in human life has been reported. But a persistent danger is to be deplored, the toxic materials are diffused in the air and the population is exposed, because it is a residential district.


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