These Are The Top 15 Sakura Inspired Beauty Products For Spring 2019


La Casta Minamo Sakura Hair Set

La Casta’s spring limited edition shampoo and conditioner are scented with sato-zakura cherry blossom extract for beautiful, soft and moist hair that can “flow freely with the spring breeze.” Buy at drugstores or cosmetic stores across Japan.

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Aqua Savon Sakura Floral Fragrance

A beautiful cherry blossom bubble fragrance that will leave anything you spray it on smelling like a beautiful spring day. Buy at Loft, Plaza or other cosmetic stores across Japan.

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M.A.C. Boom, Boom, Bloom

M.A.C.’s new spring collection includes sakura-inspired eyeshadow palette, highlighter, sakura-scented prep spray and lip products in light pink and brown colors perfect for the season. Buy at all M.A.C. stores in Japan from March 15 and online from March 12.

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SkinVill Hot Cleansing Gel

This new product contains four different sakura extracts which leave your skin soft, glowing and perfectly moist. Scented with cherry blossom fragrance, this is the perfect product for a refreshing way to start and end the day. Buy at drugstores, cosmetic stores across Japan or online.

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Estee Lauder Skin Activating Lotion with Sakura Ferment

Estee Lauder’s new sakura lotion supports the skin from damage, adds a bright and transparent shine and adjusts skin texture by eliminating pores. Buy online, at department stores across Japan or Estee Lauder shops.

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