Thunderclap at the U23 CAN: The DR Congo excluded in favor of Morocco


Thunderclap in the lair of Congolese big cats. Leopards under 23 years of the DRC are disqualified by the Confederation of African Football (Caf) for the benefit of their counterparts in Morocco. At the base of this decision chopper, the alignment of the member of the Almighty Mazembe of Lubumbashi, Arsene Zola whose age no longer corresponds with this category.

This was announced by the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), Wednesday, April 24, which is said to be notified by the CAF. This, after his request introduced at the end of the 2nd round of these qualifiers.

Eliminated on the ground after their defeat (2-0) in the first leg and an insufficient victory (1-0) in return, the Lion Cubs of the Atlas of Morocco challenged the eligibility of the defender of the Ravens of Lubumbashi and captain of the selection national, Arsène Zola.

The golden generation of coach Christian N’Sengi Biembi composed of the nugget Jackson Muleka, top scorer of the Vodacom League I with 17 goals, Chadrack Muzungu, thank God Mukoko Amale, Ernest Luzolo, Peter Mutumosi and others is sacrificed.

Their dream of taking part in the next Africa Cup of the specialty scheduled for November and December in the land of the Pharaohs in 2019 is broken.

And by implication a participation in the 32nd Olympiad of history, Tokyo 2020 is mortgaged. Indeed, the first three of Can U23 should ipso facto be in the capital of Japan.

On the site of the Caf, Arsène Zola was born on February 23, 1996. He is registered with his club. What is paradoxical to the regulation of the competition, which only takes into account players who were born after January 1, 1997.

But on the passport of the player, it is the year 1997 which is taken again. Faced with this scenario, the organ of African football did not have to procrastinate and only applied the rules.

An open secret especially since his team announced in a statement that his defender was no longer qualified to evolve with the U23 DRC because of his age.

But strangely, the release of Mazembe, had disappeared from the official site.3

He was 23 years old and 25 days old on Wednesday, March 20, day of play against the U23 Atlas Lions. This makes it, in principle, ineligible to play this eliminatory phase.

During this meeting won by Locals, he was out in the 36th minute on injury before being replaced by Peter Mutumosi.

On Transfermarket and Wiki, the captain of the Congolese ship that just sank, is also presented with the date of February 23, 1997, but in reality, he was born in 1996 and therefore more than 23 years since Saturday, February 23, 2019.

As a result, Zola was no longer to be summoned to the DRC’s Hopes for almost a month.

After barring the road to the Kingdom of Morocco, national coach Mark Wotte was sacked for inadequate results.

According to the statement of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, the DRC will not participate in the next phase of elimination of the category.

With this new deal, Morocco will face Mali in the third and final round of this elimination phase. This double confrontation will take place on June 5th and 9th.


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