Top 5 Movie Mistakes – Ready Player One (video)


In 2018, Steven Spielberg’s 32nd film, READY PLAYER ONE was released. Based on the best-selling, pop culture drenched science fiction novel of the same name from 2011, written by Ernest Cline, READY PLAYER ONE takes the audience inside the virtual world of the Oasis. Where characters from all kinds of franchises could pop up at any time and movie references are dropped at a ferocious rate in a dazzling world of wonder, imagination, and Zemeckis Cubes.

But are there as many Movie Mistakes jam packed into READY PLAYER ONE as there are easter eggs? In short: no. Not by a long shot. Yet there are a fair few slip-ups and continuity errors that can be found, if one searches deep enough into the darkest depths of the Oasis, from a disappearing pole, to a scenery changing gate, and even a movie reference that is WRONG. But hey, this is the film that gave a buried nod to JACK SLATER IV, my personal favourite fictional movie of all time, so some slack can definitely be cut…

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