UDPS crisis: Augustin Kabuya responds to criticism


In the DRC, the new secretary-general of the presidential party, Augustin Kabuya, responds to criticism of his appointment, while for several weeks a crisis has agitated the UDPS over the succession of Felix Tshisekedi, now head of state.

Currently, it is Jean-Marc Kabund, also vice-president of the National Assembly, who is acting as head of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS). At the same time, it is Augustin Kabuya who replaces him since Saturday, May 18 at the post of secretary general that he occupied.

In his office of Limete, at the headquarters of the UDPS, Augustin Kabuya reveals the functions that he has exercised in the party, prides itself on having climbed all the steps and does not accept that one calls into question its legitimacy : ”  Find yourself today as secretary general, it is not a gift. I know the UDPS as someone who knows his pocket . “

Indeed, MM. Kabund and Kabuya have to face the sling of several party cadres, including the president of the UDPS parliamentary group, Léon Mubikayi . The latter gave Wednesday, May 22 a press conference to demand the establishment of a directory.

The latter would consist of three people and would be charged within 30 days to organize a party congress to replace Felix Tshisekedi. It puts forward in particular article 26 of the statutes of the political movement, which explains the procedure to be followed in case of “impediment” of the president of the party.

For Augustin Kabuya, those who brandished article 26 of the statutes of the UDPS to demand the establishment of a three-headed temporary leadership, waiting for a congress, seek ”  to deceive the opinion  “:

”  Article 26 intervenes in case of definitive impediment. However, in the current context, the head of state Felix Tshisekedi is not permanently prevented. The head of state is seconded for a state mandate. What’s going on here is a relentlessness and it’s bad faith. They are auctioning up to be stuck somewhere.  “

At his side, UDPS MP Tony Mwaba regrets that the president of his parliamentary group has taken a stand publicly without waiting for the end of the consultations initiated by President Felix Tshisekedi: ”  The Head of State said he has an appointment with the main protagonists to find a solution in family. As we waited for the rest, we ourselves were surprised by the statement made by some of our colleagues. They really put oil on the fire . “

This MP calls for ”  dispassionate debate  ” and proposes that a team of work, composed of elected party officials, make proposals for ending the crisis


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