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The creation of the now-defunct AAF and the resurrection of the XFL both seem to have been based on the idea that football is good, and more football is better. But is that really the case?

More specifically, do people really want more football when it’s not football season?

Although the spread of legalized gambling could create a demand for football games on which to bet after traditional football season ends, why not have an alternate professional league that plays games during the months when the NFL and NCAA are playing their games, but on the days when the NFL and NCAA aren’t playing?

Tuesday and Wednesday nights during football season currently are wide open when it comes to big-time football. Why not put alternate professional games on those nights? Some would say that people need a break between Monday and Thursday, when one NFL week ends and the next NFL week begins. Others would say that the demand for non-stop football during football season would outweigh the demand for football after football has ended and people have moved on to watch other sports and/or doing other things.

It’s unclear whether it would work. But football from February through April hasn’t worked, and isn’t working. At some point, someone with several hundred million dollars to burn should resist the temptation to try to own non-football season and simply claim the available TV windows during football season.

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