Why only the rich are validated to replace the poor?: Constant Mutamba


Reactions are coming from everywhere in the political sphere Congolese Rd after the judgments of the Constitutional Court, this Monday, June 10, invalidating several national MPs of the Lamuka platform for the benefit of the candidates of the Common Front for Congo (FCC).

In this wave of reactions, some FCC executives including Constant Mutamba, President of Nogec has also expressed dissatisfaction with the decisions of the Court issued in the context of electoral disputes

“Why only the rich are validated to replace the poor? To be elected, must we now have money for the campaign, the Ceni and the Court? Need to take a part against their authors, “criticizes Constant Mutamba on his Twitter account.

Going in the same direction, the unfortunate presidential candidate last December, Seth Kikuni, has also untied his language to denounce what he considers complicity between the Constitutional Court and the FCC.

“With the new invalidations of the truly elected opponents, the FCC in complicity with the judiciary continues to provoke and openly challenge all the Congolese people. If the goal is the confrontation, do not forget that the mobilization will go beyond the UDPS and Cach, “says his Twitter account.


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