With prayerful plans, Wycliffe eyes 2025 goal


It’s proving to be another busy year for Bible translation.

The head of Wycliffe Associates says his organization has received requests to launch Bible translation projects this year from 619 language groups, including in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Papua, New Guinea, and Nigeria.

When these groups are informed that the entire New Testament can now be translated in just months, they are astonished, says Wycliffe Associates President and CEO Bruce Smith.

“They’re hearing about the good news of what’s happened with their neighboring communities, or other language groups around them,” he says, “and so that’s emboldening their faith and increasing their enthusiasm to get God’s Word for their own people.”

The challenge now, Smith says, is getting the financial resources to enable them to respond to the requests.

“To see the pent-up demand now rise to over 600 languages that are waiting for our response,” he observes, “just really sends us before the Lord and ask for his provision and wisdom on how to respond to these opportunities.”
Smith adds these opportunities will move Wycliffe even closer to its goal of having the Bible in every language by 2025 or sooner.

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