World: Attacks on Health Care Monthly News Brief – March 2019



Democratic Republic of the Congo

03 March 2019: Update: In Butembo city, North Kivu province, an Ebola Treatment Centre that was attacked by unidentified perpetrators on 27 February 2019 has resumed operations after a temporary shutdown and is now managed by the Health Ministry in collaboration with WHO and UNICEF. Sources: Reuters, The Telegraph, Thomson Reuters Foundation and UN News

08 March 2019: In Lubwasi town, North Kivu province, suspected ADF forces burned down a health clinic and several houses during an attack on the town. Source: ACLED1 and Actualite

09 March 2019: In Butembo city, North Kivu province, Mai Mai militiamen attacked the recently re-opened Ebola Treatment Centre in an apparent effort to foment chaos amongst local communities, killing a police officer, and wounding one or more health workers. Sources: News 24, NPR, Reuters and Xinhua

10 March 2019: In Butembo, unspecified armed perpetrators raided an Ebola treatment centre, wounding health workers and killing a policeman. Source: UN-OCHA

24 March 2019: In Kalemie town, Tanganyika province, an unidentified armed group fired shots at a hospital vehicle carrying representatives of the World Bank and Panzi Hospital.
The passengers fled and the perpetrators looted the vehicle.
Source: ACLED

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