World: Safeguarding Healthcare Monthly News Brief – Attacks on healthcare, February 2019



Burkina Faso

02 February 2019: In Kongoussi region, militants presumed to be from Ansaroul Islam (JNIM) attacked and stole a Burkina Faso Red Cross vehicle, abducting its four passengers and driver in the process. Source: ACLED1

13 February 2019: In Ougarou area, Est region, an ambulance transporting a pregnant woman from Diapaga to Fada-N’gourma was shot at by presumed JNIM or ISGS militants, leaving the pregnant woman’s partner with a gunshot wound but the driver and woman unharmed. Source: ACLED1 14 February 2019: In Djibo town, Sahel region, a bomb of unknown origin hidden in a corpse dressed in military uniform killed an army doctor and wounded two police officers. Sources: News 24 and The Defense Post


11 February 2019: In Kumba city, Meme department, Southwest region, suspected separatists raided and torched the Kumba District Hospital, killing at least four patients and reducing most of the building to ashes. Sources: AFP, Africa Freedom Network, Africa News (a), Africa News (b), BBC, Eyewitness News, US Embassy in Cameroon and VOA News

17 February 2019: In Kumba city, Meme department, Southwest district, soldiers looking for wounded separatists entered the Shisong Hospital, fired several shots in the air and threatened to kill a man in front of employees. Source: Human Rights Watch

Democratic Republic of the Congo

General: In eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, armed groups continued to subject health and frontline workers to sporadic attacks, making it hard for them to prevent and mitigate

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