YLDP students get an insight into technology from Shell’s Bert Natalicchio


Bert Natalicchio, VP Engineering & SMART Technologies at Shell

by Smaran Garlapati
Our world is in a state of constant change. The world’s proliferating population demands more and more each day to fuel and sustain life. A resource of major concern is energy. As digital technology is making its way into every pocket and household in the world, we as a society search to harness energy in any way possible.
On March 17th, 2019, in the bustling facilities of India House, Bert Natalicchio, a top executive at Shell, spoke with several YLDP students regarding this growing demand for energy. He explained that as our world and society changes, so do our needs and demands. The hard part is getting our technology to catch up to these demands. Mr. Natalicchio explained that with our entire lives becoming digital, data is becoming bountiful, the speed at which tasks are completed is rapidly increasing and costs are decreasing. He explained that science and technology require constant adaptability; they must constantly improve to match the changes in our world.

Guest spekaer Bert Natalicchio addressing the students

YLDP Batch 2019 with guest spekaer Bert Natalicchio

Mr. Natalicchio encouraged the room full of aspiring STEM leaders to pursue careers in technology and to never be satisfied with the most modern technology. He gave the students some very wise advice regarding their futures in whatever field they pursue. Emphasizing leadership, Mr.Natalicchio stated that effective leaders lead from a sense of purpose, not power, and that we should lead through influence more than authority. He also emphasized the importance of resilience and teamwork, lessons that the students will hold dear to their hearts as they progress on their journeys to become the next leaders on the forefront technological advancement.

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